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About Baudh

Baudh, popularly known as Boudh or Baudhgarh, is city headquarter of Baudh District. The city Baudh as well as entire Baudh District is one of the important regions from the point of history of Buddhism. Another unique distinction of this city is that it is one of the least populated headquarter cities of Odisha state. Likewise, it is also one of the least developed cities of Odisha state. The city is located some 240 kms away from capital city of Bhubaneswar.

About Baudh
Jogindra Villa Palace of Boudh

History of Baudh

Although much of the history is very obscure, but scholars and historians widely acclaim that Baudh was an important Buddhist center during ancient period. Discovery of many Buddhist statues and hordes of materials related to Buddhism religion few decades back validates this critical fact. During medieval period Baudh came under rule of Marathas. They attacked Baudh in 1800 AD and eventually defeated local king Raja Biswambara Dev. Although even after their triumph Marathas allowed Raja Biswambara Dev to continue as king, as Marathas chose to make Baudh as their feudatory state.

Economy of Baudh

Although Baudh may not have a very modern economy at its helm, but there are few visible signs of it. The bustling service sector alongwith retail, healthcare and hospitality contribute in the economy of the city. Moving to industrial sector, then things are not at that encouraging on this front. This is to say that not many industries are present in this town. Their marginal presence constitutes of only few small scale industries. Most of which are operating near Manamunda town, located some 47 kms away from Baudh town. The town is overall very backward in industries. The Industrial backwardness has allowed traditional agricultural sector to maintain its influence on the town. Significant numbers of locals are still employed in agricultural activities – directly or indirectly.

Healthcare in Baudh

Healthcare services in Baudh still has a very long way to go. The town still does not have even a single multi specialty hospital. The few and decent numbers of hospitals that are there are not advanced enough to cure complicated and life threatening diseases. Their presence, however, is still obviously very critical for maintaining standard of general health in the town. These hospitals are also getting due assistance from good presence of local Chemist shops and General clinics. However, it is a well known fact that their importance goes beyond helping local hospitals. Ordinary people are just too dependent on them for their day-to-day healthcare needs. Baudh’s people therefore feel very fortunate that there are decent numbers of chemist shops and clinics in their home town. The overall healthcare picture that we get is pretty mixed one. On one hand glaring absence of Multi Specialty Hospitals and other advanced hospitals is a big let off, but presence of General hospitals and other basic facilities like Chemist shops has ensured that town’s general health is maintained at acceptable level.

Chemist Shops in Baudh

Ramkrishna Medical Store
Address: Badhigaon, Boudh H O, Boudh – 762014
Phone no: +(91)-9777633123

Buddharam Medical Store
Address: Laxmi Bazaar, Boudh Road, Boudh H O, Boudh - 762014
Phone no: +(91)-9437222730

Doctors in Baudh

Dr. S. Ransingh
Address: Hospital Road, Near Hq Hospital, Boudh H O, Boudh – 762014
Phone no: +(91)-9439990998

Dr. Mahesh Prasad Agrawal
Address: C/O-Narosing Dash Agrawal & Son, Boudh H O, Boudh – 762014
Phone no: +(91)-9868434787

Dr. Bhubaneswar Sukla
Address: Boudh H O, Boudh – 762014
Phone no: +(91)-6841-222478

Transportation in Baudh

Owing to decent presence of auto rickshaws across town, local transportation service is pretty well managed. Local commuters don’t have to hassle around too much to get an auto rickshaw. They can get it instantly. At least at all important landmark areas this instinctive service is very much rest assured. Coming to connectivity services, then two important State Highways (1 & 14) and also National Highway No 42 passes from nearby this town. Passage of all these highways ensures Baudh’s connectivity to capital city of Bhubaneswar and several other important cities. Baudh town is also very well placed in terms of train connectivity. Sambalpur Railway Junction is located just 47 kms away from Baudh town. Sambalpur Railway Junction is one of the most important junctions in Odisha, proximity to it augurs very well for Baudh’s traveling commuters.

Tourist Attractions in Baudh

Ramanath Temple: While Baudh has many historical temples, but there is one temple that stands out for its intrinsic architectural beauty amongst huge crowd of local temple. This temple is Ramanath Temple, located just few kilometers away from Baudh town.

Ramanath Temple is group of three Shiva temples that is beautifully carved out with the help of red sand stone. Architectural design of all these three temples is visibly unique. So much so that it catches visitor’s attention even before they start noticing temple’s minute details. In this regard important role played by Archeological Survey of India must also be appreciated. Simply because it is owing to their efforts that 9th century temple still looks beautiful even to this day.

Banking Services in Baudh

Baudh has sufficient numbers of branches of reputed banks. Owing to their presence today Baudh’s people are enjoy literally every modern banking facility that one could think of. This is why local people never have to think twice before doing any kind of banking transactions, or for that matter even to open a bank account in any reputed nationalized banks or popular private banks. They enjoy all these as easily as citizens of most big cities do. Things can get only further better if few more reputed banks open their branches in this town. This is something in fact that people of Baudh city are earnestly wishing for.

United Bank Of India
Address: Mahanadi Vihar, Market complex, Boudh garh, NAC Compound, Boudh, Dist. Boudh - 762014
Phone no: (0)9437634256

Axis Bank
Address: Ground floor, House of Sushil kumar dalal, Nac chhak, Near LIC Office, Boudhgarh, dist. Boudh, Orissa, pin 762014
IFSC Code: UTIB0001805
Phone no: Not available

Canara Bank
Address: At Old Block Chhaka , P.o : Boudh . Dist : Boudh Pin : 762014
IFSC Code: CNRB0004130

Syndicate Bank
Address: Parijat Palace, Dist Boudh, Boudh, Odisha – 762014
IFSC Code: SYNB0008096

Bank of Baroda
Address: Town Hall Road, Sibani Market Complex, Dist Baudh, Orissa 762014
Phone no: not available

Safety and Security in Boudh

Boudh being a District Headquarter, a local police station obviously operates in very heart of the town. Presence of this police station though is very critical for maintaining law and order, but local people are not overtly dependent on it. This is obviously owing to very stable law and order that is prevailing across this town. Boudh’s people including businessmen and commercial organization live and do all their activities very carefreely. Just like most of Indians in rest of India do. This, however, does not mean that Boudh’s police station have no work cut for them. They are continuously on their toes. Either for taking necessary precautionary steps, or for addressing all the minor crimes that keep occurring in the town.

Baudh at a glance

Country : India
State : Odisha
District : Boudh
• Official : Oriya
Time zone : IST (UTC+5:30)
Population: 20,424
STD code: 06841
Pin code: 762014

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